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🕹️ Video Games

An explanation of our approach to the games we are making
Our founding team has members that have worked in the video game industry for decades. As a result, we know that making a good game is no small undertaking, and we have no illusions about the commitment and effort it takes to release a great game. Leri Greer was lead creative on the team that made the award winning mod for Half-LIfe 2 called NEOTOKYO back in 2008-2014, you can see the trailer for it here:
With this in mind, we're taking an iterative approach to gameplay validation, and will be testing multiple different ideas with our community and building based on good data and feedback. Below are some examples of early prototypes we've built and will be putting in the hands of our community after mint.
Ultimately we want to build a big, awesome, beautiful game. That'll take money and time. In the meantime we'll be creating fun experiences that we can learn good data from and fold it all into our bigger game.

Mini-game examples we're currently exploring:

🕹️"Wave Shooter"

See how long you can survive against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. We're working on an update now to the proof-of-concept alpha game shown in the video below. The next update will incorporate 3 new levels, new enemy variants, and a leaderboard that will track the top scores from our community. We expect to release this update in Q2 2023.

🕹️ "Fall Guys" style multiplayer party obstacle race

Multiplayer obstacle course racing can be super fun! If you're familiar with the "Fall Guys" style games, we're prototyping our own version, of course set in a cyberpunk style world. The video below shows some early alpha gameplay - we're going to play test this with the community and iterate based on feedback.

🕹️ "Flying Car" proof of concept

What would a cyberpunk megapolis be without flying cars? If you answered Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, you'd be correct technically as well, but we were going to say, boring. Ever since the OG Bladerunner, we've wanted to cruise through air between the concrete, glass and neon canyons of dark, rainy cityscapes. So we built one to test out.
Attached to this ticket is a sample video of an exploration we've done to visualize the idea, please vote and comment and let us know what you think. You can click the link below to jump to our roadmap for this item.
Flying cars are a MUST for a cyberpunk game. No two ways about it.
So, in summary, we know how to make great, award-winning games, and we know that doing that takes time and money. We'll be posting our updates within our roadmap and on discord and twitter as we progress on this.
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