An overview of the entire project
We are building a new IP in entertainment and storytelling, where art meets technology, where stories, characters, and collectibles flow between the physical world and digital screens with an array of products that work together in a complementary, holistic way.
Led by industry veterans who have worked in leadership positions across some of the biggest names in entertainment and web3, our offering incorporates multiple pillars that together create a holistic and complementary experience for fans.

Diverse Offerings, Unified Vision

At the heart of our vision and strategy lies a diverse product portfolio:
  • Video Games: Virtual worlds where in-game assets—be it weapons, skins, or trophies—are verifiably unique and scarce. Players can trade, sell, or even showcase their collected gear and achievements, each item a unique blockchain entry ensuring its rarity and value.
  • Trading Card Game: a digital trading card game, easy to learn but more difficult to master, featuring tokenized trading cards with characters, locations and other elements from the EON RIFT universe.
  • Comics: Starting with digital comics, we’re introducing innovations like random drawings to have your characters appear in future issues, or even have entire issues dedicated to your character, as well as animated pages that increase rarity and collectability.
  • Digital Collectibles: Using NFTs, we're offering fans a chance to own a piece of collectible history from our brand. Every digital collectible (comics, avatars, weapons, skins, etc.) is not just a digital representation but a certified asset, some with unique and valuable utilities.
  • Physical Collectibles: Enhancing physical collectibles with the transparency and authenticity blockchain offers. Physical collectibles can now contain a digital signature, ensuring its authenticity and lineage, as well as digital companion “twins” - viewable online and in augmented reality, tied to the physical collectible.
  • Streetwear Clothing & Merchandise: Our universe is a rich collection of imaginary characters, corporations and brands, with a distinctive and recognizable visual style. These bold graphic elements are signature and recognizable in our games, comics and apparel/merchandise. Digital twins and features are also possible with apparel, and especially for streetwear collections where limited availability, timed drops and scarcity dovetail nicely with the ethos of digital collectibles and NFTs.
  • Animated Series: Entertainment meets ownership. Fans will be able to own clips, episodes, or exclusive content from our future animated series, each as unique NFTs, fostering a deeper connection between content creators and consumers.
Central to our vision is empowering our fans with true digital asset ownership. The digital era has expanded engagement, but true empowerment comes from ownership.

Time to jack in and enter the world of NeoTokyo.

We believe we’re building the next great world of stories, and we want you to come along for the ride. Co-creation is one of the pillars of our community philosophy, and through our community and eventual DAO, we will collaborate with the EON RIFT fans to drive the project forward and create the future of our enterprise that will benefit everyone in the community.
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