The World of Eon Rift

Get Lost in the Neon Jungle

>> SCRATCH surveyed the damage she had done. Four Detroit Boyz turned into distributed pieces of meat and electronics, blood and fluid everywhere in the alley. Fuck. The contract had stipulated specifically “...any violence perpetrated during the repossession of the stolen data will result in a 20% decrease in both credits and percentage…”

Sigh. Why does this shit never go the right way? She checked the juice level of her MVCT. The readout fluctuated somewhere just low of half-way. Banging the weapon against the ground, it made a ‘phzzzzzzzzzt’ zapping sound, the last of the blood evaporating from its blade, leaving a trace smell of ionized iron. The gauge jumped up 3 ticks. Not ideal to finish the job, but it would have to do. Ahead the door leading down into the DB safehouse sat ajar, neon light framing it, flickering. Her augmented hearing amps could just pick up the sound of booted feet and whispered voices starting up the steps.

Hmmm, ‘cat definitely out of the bag now’. Best to hit them on the stairs, don’t let them get set, she thought. Clicking her heels together, titanium laced blades, claw-like, popped from the front of her footwear... ‘Snkkt!’. With a last air swoosh, checking that the MVCT was still ready to cut, SCRATCH moved forward at full speed into the flashing doorway... <<

You’ve just arrived in NeoTokyo.

From above, Eon Rift glows like a circuit board charged with electricity. Neon lights buzz from every building of NeoTokyo. Cars race along streets and through the air. Then you drop down onto the street and you see the real Eon Rift. The dark buildings behind the neon facades. The unmarked doors leading back to something beautiful or deadly—and sometimes both. The towering skyscrapers full of corporate warriors, all of them in open battle with each other.

If you’re going to have any hope of surviving, you’d better choose your character wisely, and then move fast to add the cybernetic enhancements and weapons. And make sure to watch out for EIN—the all-seeing AI that runs the city.

Let’s be honest. You’re going to die. But even death isn’t the end of the story in NeoTokyo…as long as you have enough credits, you can always resurrect


Technology can solve all problems. Even death.

Every citizen of NeoTokyo is wired through their bodies with sensors, microchips and cables. No one is pure bio. All these upgrades can make you stronger and faster…or more. They also have one huge benefit: eternal life.

If you die in NeoTokyo, your body can be repaired and your consciousness restored through a process known as “rezzurrection” or “rezzing” for short. It isn’t cheap or easy, but at least it lets you stay alive. At least, till the next time you die in a corporate raid.

And hidden behind the scenes, keeping everything running in Eon Rift is a mysterious artificial intelligence known only as EIN. It’s rumored that he rules over NeoTokyo from the MONOLITH, a towering pyramid armed to the teeth with turret guns just outside the city. But no one has gone close enough to find out. Why did EIN create this place? What does he want? You’ll have to dig deeper into the world of Eon Rift to find out.

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