Derek Lau

Strategic Advisor: With a strong foundation in start-ups, consulting, and gaming, Derek has been a trailblazer in the Web3 space since 2017.

Derek Lau is a founder, advisor and investor in the web3 space, with a background in gaming, start-ups and consulting. Most recently he was VP of Economy at Immutable, where he led economy and game tokenomics across all studio portfolio games. He also created and led Guild of Guardians, where he generated $25m of revenue and grew the community to 1m player pre-registrations, which speaks volumes about his capability and vision. Prior to Immutable, Derek worked as a management consultant, start-up founder and in investment banking.

Derek is passionate about using blockchain to deliver improved entertainment experiences and business models, and brings unique and practical perspectives that can only be obtained by executing across every area of both web2 and web3.

Derek’s passion resonates with our mission at EON RIFT. His expertise in Web3 strategy and building virtual economies will be instrumental as we venture deeper into creating immersive player experiences and sustainable business models in the Web3 gaming realm.

His pragmatic approach, coupled with a knack for solving complex problems, aligns with our ethos of innovation and community-centric development. We believe Derek’s addition to the team will significantly speed up our progress towards building a thriving Web3 entertainment IP.

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