Our Philosophy

An open statement about our values and why we're doing this
We want to publicly share our philosophy for this project so that people who are interested in it have a clear picture of our goals and how we will achieve them.
Our founding team is made up of professionals with decades of experience and successful careers in the fields of film, video games, publishing and finance. We are not here to make a quick buck. Eon Rift evolved out of our love of creating. We love making and building things, and Web3 is an opportunity to build something new, where we could have a direct relationship with our fans. It also allows us to cut out the gatekeepers that, in the old way of doing things, would decide whether or not an idea could move forward and be successful.
Our big idea is this: What if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created today, in Web3? Back then, the TMNT creators made mini comics and hand-sold them at shops and conventions. Today, we can share the vision of our work—and the work itself as it is created—with our fans. With you. Not only that, we can create a business model where you also can own a piece of the success of the project.
Our guiding principles for using Web3 are:
  • Create real value for fans.
  • Prioritize quality storytelling and characters above all.
  • Be transparent in all that we do.
To this point, Eon Rift has entirely been a labor of love for our founding team, 100% self funded. We’re doing it because we love it, and we’re proud of what we’re building. We believe that you’ll love it, too.
Soon, there will be opportunities for you to participate and buy a piece of what we’re building. While we do hope that it creates and holds real financial value, above all we hope that people invest in Eon Rift because it gives you a deeper value. That it brings you joy and offers you an avenue to share your own creativity. For us, this investment is an opportunity to dive into the world of Eon Rift full time, to continue to build it with you. And, we’ll admit, we have ambitious plans—we’d love to create the next billion-dollar creative world. However, we know that we accomplish that by taking the time to tell great stories featuring incredible, complex characters. Whatever we do, we are dedicated to creating quality—whether it is video games, comic books, or animation—that has real value that sustains over time. We also know that it won’t be a simple or easy path, but we’re dedicated to the path, whatever turbulence might be ahead.
We’re starting with comics, because we love comics as an art form and we love the speed with which we can build the world we have in our heads and share it with the world.
We love video and tabletop games, and we’re experimenting with how we can bring a quality gaming experience in both physical and digital formats that fits the world we’re building. A lot of what we’ll be able to do with video games will depend on how much money we can make from our project, or from investors, since making good quality video games is expensive and difficult. That said, we’re lifelong gamers, and a great game that’s fun to play as a stand-alone experience is a huge priority for us. We do want to embrace Web3 in gaming for what we see as legitimate benefits—ownership of digital collectibles, transferability of said digital collectibles, etc. So, we will find ways to build great gaming experiences within our budget.
We love action figures and physical collectibles, so we’re going to be creating those as well. We’re excited about the possibilities and freedom of 3D printing, but we’re also going to be using more traditional casting methods once it makes sense for our scale and budget.
We love animation, and as soon as we can afford to will start creating short, episodic content as well. Our goal is to create a proper full season of animated episodes.
We love merch and apparel, and we’re going to be creating a lot of cool T-shirts, jackets and other merch consistent with the world we’re building so our fans can express themselves and show support when they feel like it.
We love the idea of things from the comics showing up in our games, and in our merch and collectibles, so expect to see a lot of lines crossing between comics, games and other formats. For example, owning a digital collectible character will have a certain % chance built into our smart contracts that your character will show up at some point in our comics.
How long will this take? We don’t know, but we do know we’re committed to building something we’ll look back at and be proud to have our names on it. We’d love to bring as many people along with us for the journey as there are that love what we’re creating and want to participate. So if you’d like to check us out, come along for a while, get involved and let’s build something new and cool together.
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