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👯 The Team

Meet the team behind the dream
>> LERI adjusted the frequency limiter, tightening the simulation, but it overshot equilibrium and started to warble threatening to come apart. “Uhhhh… A LITTLE HELP!” he yelled into his Null!™ throat mic. In his earpiece he could hear the rapid clickety clacking of a keyboard. Tik tak tik tik tik tac… “I got you, I got you..” VAN JENSEN hit enter on his NAKAMURA-KOLENSK netrunner, injecting a string of harmonizing stabilization into the codebase. CHRIS ANDERSON looked up from his console, lifted his goggles.. “Yeah yeah, that did the trick.” CHRIS watched as the visualizer danced it’s holosine back towards the center. It went greenish. The sim began to balance. Well, the numbers weren’t freaking out ‘as much’.. Better then before anyways. SHASHANK was closest to the glowing machine at the center of the room. A cluster of tech, hundreds of wires from every direction all snaking to something approximating it’s center. Heat waves emanated from it and SHA gave it a blast of freon from the cooling gun. Sssssssss! Taking his glove off and using the back of his hand, he tested the heat coming off of the device. “Nominal.. But holding steady.” A few feet away, hunched over a workbench, DAVID HURA looked at his cluster of analog datajacks, daisychained together, each giving different numbers. Reaching over to the MCP, he quickly programmed in some corrections. “Think that’s it..” With a quick shrug he looked over at RYAN RIPLEY manning the LQD™ NeuroMetric Tuner. RYAN toggled between the last dataset and this newly tuned calculation. ‘Flick flak flick’ Racking between the two, double checking all good. Looking up at everyone else on the team, he said into comms, “Ok RESET. We go again in 10 seconds.” With a full round of thumbs up from everyone, RYAN looked back down at his console. Lifting the red safety cover, put his thumb on the initiator… <<

A world-class creative team

The foundation of Eon Rift is the strength of our creative team, which brings decades of collective experience on some of the biggest intellectual properties in the world.
Art director Leri Greer spent more than 15 years in WETA Workshop, developing concept art for some of the most successful and iconic film properties in recent history including Avatar, Mad Max Fury Road, District 9, Ghost In The Shell, Elysium and Chappie.
Leading storytelling and worldbuilding is Van Jensen, a novelist, comic book author who has written characters including Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and James Bond for publishers including DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW and more.
And heading up our trading card game design is David Hura, who has worked on trading card games like Hearthstone at Blizzard Entertainment and currently leads the design team on Medabots, a strategic card battler based on the classic anime of the same name.
Together, we’re building an innovative and daring new world for you to explore…
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