Eon Rift Litepaper

Genesis collection

The Genesis Collection of 5,000 PFP NFT collectibles, created by hand in Blender by Leri Greer, art director and lead concept artist from WETA Workshop. Leri worked on some of the biggest Hollywood films including Avatar 1-5, Mad Max: Fury Road, Elysium, Ghost In The Shell, Pacific Rim and more.
Our Genesis PFP Collection is the foundation upon which we will build the EON RIFT Universe. Holders of our Genesis Collection will be eligible for special holder benefits and utilities across the entire EON RIFT ecosystem. Active and planned benefits currently include, but are not limited to:
The benefits and utilities listed below are only available to holders of our Genesis PFP Collection. Future collections we release may include some of these benefits, or benefits similar to those listed above, but the Genesis collection will always provide more value to holders than any of our other digital collectibles.
We may modify these benefits as we think of new ways to reward holders as the project evolves. We fully intend to make being a Genesis collection holder something that delivers long term value and fun.

✨ 3D files & commercial use rights

Genesis holders will receive token-gated access to high resolution files of their PFP, Full Body, and 3D versions of their NFTs which will be playable in our video games. By owning a EON RIFT Genesis NFT, you own all personal property right to the token underlying the EON RIFT Genesis NFT. Still, you do not own the artwork, brand, or other intellectual property associated with EON RIFT Genesis NFT. This means you can use your EON RIFT Genesis NFT for commercial use, such as branding or doing derivative works and selling them.

✨ Auto-whitelist & early access for future drops

Genesis holders will get priority access and pricing on all future NFT collections we release.

✨ Airdrops

In addition to being whitelisted for all future NFT collections we release, Genesis holders will also receive free airdrops. These airdrops may come from new collections we release or they may be exclusive, holders only assets.

✨ Annual special comic dedicated to one Genesis NFT

Once per year, we will hold a drawing. The winner of the drawing will get an entire issue of the comic dedicated to a story about their character. Their Genesis NFT and its story will become canon in the EON RIFT universe.
The winning NFT will receive a new trait via a metadata update. This will be an incredibly rare trait that few in the collection will ever have.

✨ Drawing for Genesis NFT appearance in new comics

With every new issue of the EON RIFT comic, we will hold a drawing for at least one Genesis NFT to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming issue. The winning NFTs will receive a new trait via a metadata update.

✨ Coin supply distribution

Genesis holders will get a certain percentage of the coin supply equally distributed between them in an airdrop.

✨ Staking rewards

Every holder will earn staking points (aka "Scratch") via soft staking while the NFT is unlisted from any marketplace. There will be several ways to use staking points in the future, which may include but are not limited to:
  • Limited Edition Physical Collectible Drops (free and right to purchase)
  • Limited Edition Merch Drops (free and right to purchase)
  • Limited Edition NFT Drops (free and right to purchase)
  • Merch Discount Coupons (Stacks with holder discount)
  • Raffle tickets for giveaways of NFTs, Merch, ETH, etc.
  • TBA Future In-Game Rewards
  • EON Coin Rewards

✨ Genesis-specific events, contests and giveaways

We will be periodically holding events, contests and giveaways specifically to holders of the Genesis collection. These will be announced as they are finalized - we plan to offer these on an ongoing basis to our holders as a show of appreciation.

✨ Discount on all EON RIFT merchandise

Our Genesis holders will enjoy discounts on all of our official merchandise as long as they remain holders.

✨ Rewarding holders as our project grows

We have always loved the idea of rewarding supporters of our project as the success of the project grows, and are following current regulatory developments to see what options we have for doing this in a way that is compliant. As we gain clarity around this, we can be more specific.

✨ Special in-game benefits

Genesis holders will receive special in-game benefits (while avoiding pay to win mechanics). This could look like any combination of the following:
  • Genesis characters earn premium in-game currency (or possibly more than any other playable characters).
  • Genesis characters can enter tournaments with a prize pool or special limited time game modes.
  • Genesis characters can be rented out to other players so holders can earn money when they're not playing.
  • Genesis holders are dropped custom skins for in-game items.
  • Genesis holders can access and utilize special features within the character customization feature
  • Genesis holders have access to unique weapon types.
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