More digital collectibles

Equippable Gear, Companions, and Vehicles

Additional digital collectibles will be released periodically in both large and limited quantities as gear, companions, and vehicles that holders can use to modify their in-game characters with our character customization tool. These items may also come with additional utilities and benefits. These will be tokenized and therefore truly owned by the buyer, who can choose to sell them back into the marketplace as they like.
Our philosophy behind this segment of our digital collectibles is as follows:
  • These assets should not create a “pay-to-win” environment in our games but instead will function as skins that players can use to customize their characters. This model has been incredibly lucrative for games like Fortnite, and gamers are already familiar with the concept of purchasing skins.
  • These assets should be affordable so that holders feel that they can easily spend money to keep up with the latest releases. Some of these assets will be delivered as airdrops to holders of our other collections.
  • These assets should be generally plentiful, with either high supplies or open mints. This will ensure that as our community grows, players will have easy access to different gear that suits their taste.
  • These assets should be released on a regular basis to keep players engaged in collecting the latest designs for their characters
  • These assets should have a concept of rarity. This could mean some assets will be: limited in supply, limited to holders, limited to purchasing with staking points, and/or incorporate traditional loot rarity mechanics (common, uncommon, rare, legendary, epic). The concept of rarity or scarcity will drive up demand for these items.
  • These assets should give us the opportunity to collab with other creators/communities which will help us expand our reach.


In addition to the above, there are a few more things to note about the companions. These will be equipable “pet” type characters that follow the player in our games and will provide various benefits like collecting loot, reloading stashed weapons, or stat boosts for example. These companions will be available for purchase, rewarded as airdrops, and via other fun methods which we are still exploring.

Land Drops

Eventually, our large open-world metaverse game will include the concept of tokenized land that will give the bearer access to a future property (residence, storefront, etc.) that can be customized/decorated by the player with assets they’ve earned or purchased.

Other Digital Assets

We plan to create additional types of digital collectibles that don’t fit into any of the previously mentioned categories. These may include:
  • Flying Cars and other vehicle assets which can be used in one or all of our games.
  • Furniture items for land in our metaverse game.
  • Trophies for high scores or other achievements in our games.
  • Digital Twins of physical collectibles that we sell in our shop - Clothing, Statues, etc.
  • Any other type of collectible that can be displayed in the player’s residence in-game. There are endless possibilities for rare or desirable collectibles that can be earned by gamified collecting mechanics.
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