Eon Rift Litepaper

Physical collectibles

We love physical collectibles, and phygital is something we're exploring too
We're huge fans of pop culture, science fiction and physical collectibles. The idea of taking a physical action figure or statue, tapping it with your phone and seeing a fully detailed, 3D digital twin you can enjoy wherever you are is just too cool not to do.
Our ultimate goal is to let you 3D print your character how you have them configured and get it shipped to you. That will take some time to work out, but that's one of our goals.
In the meantime, we're going to start with a limited-edition collectible statue based on the EON RIFT comic cover from Issue #1, which is a not-so-subtle tribute to AKIRA, which the founding team loves. The iconic "bike slide" has been referenced and paid tribute in so many anime and movies since then, most recently in Jordan Peele's "NOPE", that we thought if we had one image to start our collection from, that should be it.
Below is a brief video showing work-in-progress of the statue being sculpted in zBrush. When it's finished, it will be hand painted, and we will sell a limited number of them as collectibles. Most likely with an embedded NFC chip tied to an NFT and digital copy, we're exploring this now.
Work in Progress of the first physical collectible
Physical Prototype
Phygital Preview
Colored Phygital Preview in comparison to Comic Cover
Phygital Preview - Colored
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