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Comic Books

Comics are the central method for our worldbuilding and storytelling. Content from our comics will flow across all our other project pillars.
Our first comic book launched in Q4 2023 featuring a team of artists who have worked on some of the biggest Marvel and DC characters, and the comics writer of James Bond, The Flash and Superman. The interior art was hand-drawn by some of the artists who worked on the hit trading card game Marvel SNAP!
All of our comics are drawn by leading industry artists by hand
Our comics will be released as unique NFTs, and in the future, we plan to have physical versions available as well.
In total, there will be 4 issues of EON RIFT: GHOST MACHINE. We will be expanding the series after this first 4 issues to explore other characters and storylines within NeoTokyo.


✨Special utilities for Genesis holders!

Genesis collection holders enjoy many benefits and utilities, among which are special opportunities to have their characters appear in official Eon Rift comics!

✨ Annual special comic dedicated to one Genesis holder character

Once per year we will hold a random drawing among the Genesis characters collection - the winner of which will get an entire special issue of the comic dedicated to their character, which will become official canon in the EON RIFT universe.
This canon status will then be added to the NFT as an incredibly rare trait that very few in the collection will ever have.

✨ Genesis holder raffle for character to appear in every new issue

With every new issue of the comic announced, we will hold a raffle amongst the Genesis collection holders for their character to make an appearance in the upcoming issue. This rare trait will be updated on their Genesis character, further increasing the rarity and value of their NFT.

Next steps for the EON RIFT: GHOST MACHINE COMIC series

The second comic book issue of the GHOST MACHINE series is already underway with Tom Waltz as the author and our Head of Comics. It is still in its early steps and will be meticulously crafted by a team of industry professionals.
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