Eon Rift Litepaper
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🤖 Digital collectibles

PFPs, 3D characters, weapons, gear and more

5,000 Genesis Edition

The Genesis Collection of 5,000 PFP NFT collectibles, created by hand in Blender by Leri Greer, art director and lead concept artist from WETA Workshop. Leri worked on some of the biggest Hollywood films including Avatar 1-5, Mad Max: Fury Road, Elysium, Ghost In The Shell, Pacific Rim and more.
The final PFP designs will be revealed here shortly. Attached are some characters, mostly in full body form, showing the style of the characters - the PFPs will be a head and shoulders shot, and the PFP buyers will get airdropped their full body version as well as a 3D turntable video of their character.

Weapons, cybernetic gear, robot companions and more...

In addition to our character-based collectibles, we will be releasing drops of weapons, gear, clothing and anything else we think is fun and fits in our stories and world. Here are some examples of items that may be included in future drops. Our vision creatively is for your characters to be like action figures you can dress up and customize how you like, using gear and cosmetics you can attach and detach at will, to make your cyberpunk character exactly your way.
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