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✨ Genesis Collection Utilities

An overview of utilities we will be offering Genesis collection holders
Below is a list of all of the utlities we're planning on offering to holders of our Genesis collection. Some of them are still being researched/figured out and may be subject to change.
We also may be adding more ideas as we think of them and as the project evolves. We fully intend to make being a Genesis collection holder something that delivers long term value and fun.
If you would like to read all of the information, comments, and possibly get notifications of changes to any of these, please follow the associated link to our roadmap!

✨ Profit sharing distribution

We're excited about the possibility of sharing a percentage of our net profits with our community of holders, and for them to benefit financially as the business grows. We're looking into how best to do this within the regulatory framework, but our goal simply stated is find ways to reward holders for being supporters of the project as the project grows profitably.

✨ Auto-whitelist & early access for future drops

Genesis drop holders will be considered first if they sign up for the future mints!

✨ Annual special comic dedicated to one holder character

Once per year, we will hold a drawing. The winner of the drawing will get an entire issue of the comic dedicated to a story about their character, and their character and their story will become canon in the EON RIFT universe.
This is an incredibly rare trait and their character will be updated after the comic is released.

✨ Drawing for holder character appearance in new comics

With every new issue of the EON RIFT comic, we will hold a drawing for one of the Genesis holder community to have their character appear in the upcoming issue, which will be a rarity trait we will update once the comic has been released.

✨ 2% coin supply distribution

Genesis holders will get 2% of the coin supply equally distributed between them in an airdrop.

✨ Genesis-specific events, contests and giveaways

We will be periodically holding events, contests and giveaways specifically to holders of the Genesis collection. These will be announced as they are finalized - we plan to offer these on an ongoing basis to our holders as a show of appreciation.

✨ Discount on all EON RIFT merchandise

Our Genesis holders will enjoy discounts on all of our official merchandise as long as they remain holders.
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