Eon Rift Litepaper
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🐱 Synposis

An overview of the entire project
Eon Rift is an immersive cyberpunk Web3 world created by a veteran team of leaders from the worlds of feature films, video games, comic books and finance with experience on properties including Avatar, Mad Max, Superman and James Bond. Built with our community, we’re developing six pillars of the Eon Rift brand: comic books, digital collectibles, video games, phygital collectibles, a trading card game and merchandise.
Launching with a slate of unique PFP animal characters, our minters also gain the rights to their 3D model and a stake in the future of the company. We believe we’re building the next great world of stories, and we want you to come along for the ride.

Time to jack in and enter the world of NeoTokyo.

We’re building a community of fans that will help us build NeoTokyo, and with that participation will come rewards and benefits. Co-creation is one of the pillars of our community philosophy, and through our community and eventual DAO we will collaborate with the EON RIFT fans to drive the projects forward and create the future of our enterprise that will benefit everyone in the community.
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