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🎴 Trading Card Game

Outwit the competition in strategic card battles!
Arriving in Q3 2023, the first set of our card game will contain 100+ cards themed after our Neo Tokyo Eon. There will be multiple archetypes to build a deck around, so players can employ a variety of strategies to claim victory.

Play on your Terms

Our NFT strategy with the card game is simple: deliver a great experience for players who want to jump in Free to Play, while also offering utility for collectors that want to have a bunch of awesome NFT versions of cards. While the difference between these two types of cards is purely cosmetic, we're exploring ways for holders of NFT cards to be able to loan out single cards or full decks and earn rewards!

Physical Cards

A full physical version of the card game will be available in the future as well. Plus, Promo trading cards will be able to be obtained alongside copies of physical comics and other physical collectibles of ours, so keep an eye out on these exclusive bundles in the future.
Early paper prototypes in action!

Decks for Genesis Holders

Genesis collection holders will also enjoy the bonus of selecting a prebuilt NFT deck to jump start their Eon Rift TCG experience once the game officially launches.

Tournaments and Seasonal Rewards

Periodic tournaments and monthly seasons will also provide exclusive rewards for our top competitors. From date or event stamped promos of cards, alternate artwork NFTs, and additional benefits in our video game (like avatar collectibles), there will always be a new challenge to take on.

Gameplay Preview

Our Eon Rift TCG architect David Hura outlines the basics of the game for you here:
Learn the basics of the Eon Rift TCG with this exclusive first look!
To give some extra context, here are a few different keywords and deck archetypes you can expect to explore in the game:


  • Deflect (X): Takes X less damage.
  • Camo: Can’t be attacked.
  • Spawn: Does something when it enters play.
  • Hack: Removes all effects from a card until the end of turn.


  • Recursion: Recycle your discarded resources to outvalue your opponent.
  • Brawler: Who needs weapons? Just let your fists do the talking.
  • Stealth: Avoid detection and take your opponents down before they know what hit 'em!
  • Combo: Play cards together for massive power swings.

Simple to learn, Complex to master

It's important for us to deliver a fun and unique experience for the entire Eon Rift community. That's why we're going to make something that's both immediately accessible and has lots of opportunity for intricate decision making.
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